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It can sometimes be difficult to find a basic player that works without any fuss, so here is a simple bit of code that you can paste into your website code to take advantage of a basic audio player.


<audio controls preload="metadata" style=" width:300px;">
<source src="INSERT YOUR AUDIO STREAM LINK HERE" type="audio/mpeg">
Your browser does not support the audio element, please update to a newer browser.
</audio><br />
<a href="" title="Get your FREE HTML5 player here" style="text-align: right;display: block">HTML5 Audio Player</a> 

IMPORTANT: Make sure where you see the words "INSERT YOUR AUDIO STREAM LINK HERE" you change this to your direct audio stream link, we recommend you use https audio links only, otherwise if your website is https secured and your audio link is not, this will show errors and break the https secure status.

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